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Getta Grip Sewing Clips are designed for the garment industry, home sewers, fashion students, and anyone who needs to join textiles together. They are perfect for sewing, fitting, draping, and alterations, and work well on lace, stretch knits, paper, metallic fabric, chiffon, rubber, leather… you get the idea.

Tough as nails,
without the


Green Lamé with a Getta Grip Clip


Tissue lame and metallic fabrics

Leather with a Getta Grip Clip


Thick fabrics, No problem
Lace with a Getta Grip Clip


Easy hold, No risk

13 Years

on the Market

13 years on the market worldwide has shown that there are many more uses for the clips than originally intended! Knitters, quilters, scrapbookers, chefs, office workers, photographers and more have used the clips to hold their projects together. The attractive way to clip bags and hold papers together! See how many uses you can find for these sturdy clips…

Your Everything Clip

Wonderful Alterations Icon with a Getta Grip Clip


Fitting Icon, Resembles Courtney Act



Sewing Graphic with a Machine Paul Drew. It has 2 faces hidden in it.


Alterations Icon with a Getta Grip Clip
This is Paul, He Used The Getta Grip Clips As A Necklace!

Blood, Sweat & Fabulous-ness

Getta Grip Sewing Clips were invented by San Francisco artisan Paul Gallo while working as a designer for a leather clothing company. Looking for a way to hold pieces together for stitching without using toxic rubber cement, Paul discovered that the metal clips for holding orders together worked—but they weren’t durable enough for repeated use. Together with his friend, the product designer Matt Tivnon, Paul developed a workable prototype that was molded and put into production. Getta Grip Sewing Clips hit the market in February of 2010. Paul was awarded a U.S. Patent for his design in 2013. Distributed by Dritz since 2014, Getta Grip Sewing Clips are available in sets of 6 at Jo-Ann’s nationwide, the Dritz website, and from this page.

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