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The Getta Grip Sewing Clip is a 3-D multipurpose clip for the garment industry, home sewers, fashion students and anyone who needs to join textiles together. They are intended for sewing, fitting, draping, and alterations. They replace conventional straight sewing pins and work well on many different textiles: lace, stretch knits, paper, metallic fabric, chiffon, rubber, leather, etc. These symmetrical clips consist of two identical pieces etched with original artwork created by Paul Gallo which functions as a thumb press...


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25th Anniversary Issue

"GettaGrip sewing clips are a wonderful alternative to pins when sewing, fitting, draping, or altering. They hold fabric layers together without the distortion and indentations that pins sometimes create and don't leave holes in delicate fabrics. From chiffon to heavy wool, the clips hold all fabric weights securely, and they work especially well with leather. These strong, durable clips are constructed from chrome-plated, light-weight plastic. They grip tightly but are easy to open."

Paul Gallo

Paul Gallo

Designer Paul Gallo's first passions in high school were houses, cars and people before his goals in fashion illustration were realized. Inspired by the commercial success of famous illustrator Antonio, Paul began his training in college, studying Fine Art before continuing on to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

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Fashion Draping

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You are an individual; your clothing should be unique. Learn fashion draping from designer Paul Gallo and create your own dress patterns for an unrivaled look.