Designer Paul Gallo's first passions in high school were houses, cars and people before his goals in fashion illustration were realized. Inspired by the commercial success of famous illustrator Antonio, Paul began his training in college, studying Fine Art before continuing on to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

With a degree in hand Paul began his first line of clothing, partnering with colleague Toni Shannon. The Shannon Gallo Skinware line was a successful and glamorous line of leather and suede clothing for women. In Miami, Paul's second clothing line, Skinware, consisted of leather sportswear and bags. At this time Paul began to teach fashion illustration.

In 1990 Paul visited San Francisco and found his home. Moving to San Francisco, Paul's skills were acquired by a leather company as he took on the roles of designer and patternmaker. He began using metal clips to hold the clothing together before sewing. He also began teaching classes at FIDM. 1996 saw the beginning of Paul's clothing line under the label Paul Gallo. He joined forces with the design collective Independent Style Merchants of San Francisco and sold in boutiques all over the city. Fabric8 began selling Gallo clothing online world-wide which got Paul an international clientele.

As the second millennium took off, Paul re-christened his company Gallofornia and began doing costume design work for plays and movies. Paul began designing and illustrating a line with long-time collaborator Kimo Frazzita. Clothing for women under the Effie's Heart label is available nationwide.Paul belongs to two fashion groups aimed at promoting sustainable fashion practices and is always on the look out for new ideas and enterprises.

Paul has spent the last couple of years perfecting his invention, the Getta Grip Sewing Clip. There have been many variations to Paul's clips as he worked to achieve the right blend of form and function. His work finally culminated with the Getta Grip Sewing Clips. Paul has attained patents world-wide and plans on creating a sewing revolution with this unique tool.

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